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Fic: By The Shore (Harry/Luna) - Lost and Found [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Fic: By The Shore (Harry/Luna) [Sep. 18th, 2014|12:30 pm]
Lost and Found: The Harry/Luna Community


Title:By The Shore
Author/Artist: lrthunder
Pairing: Harry/Luna
Rating: R
Warnings: Underage (Harry's 17, Luna's 16) and Infidelity
Word Count or Medium:1191
Summary: Harry sees Luna standing on the beach. She makes an unusual request of him.
Author's NotesEven though Harry and Ginny aren't technically together during Deathly Hallows, I included a warning for infidelity to be safe.

Harry shivered as the cool evening air struck his skin. He had just stepped out of the house to get some fresh air. He normally didn't mind a crowded house, but this time was different. It felt constraining, although for good reason. After all, all of Shell Cottage's inhabitants were fugitives.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had just started planning their Gringotts break-in. He wrestled with the conscience. They needed the Sword of Gryffindor, but that was Griphook's price for his assistance. Without the goblin, their plan didn't have any chance of succeeding.

He had barely taken two steps out of the house when he noticed movement on the beach. He drew his wand, well the wand that had belonged to Draco Malfoy. Even though Shell Cottage was under the protection of the Fidelius Charm, Voldemort had defeated that charm once before. But as Harry stared at the figure, he noticed it wasn't walking closer. In fact, it was just walking around, almost aimlessly.

Then he recognized the figure. It was Luna Lovegood. Concerned that she might be in danger, Harry raced towards the beach, keeping the wand ready. However, as he neared her, he saw that they were definitely alone.

Luna continued to walk aimlessly, not caring where she was going. Sometimes, her bare feet hit the water as it rolled in. She continued to walk in circles.

"Luna? Are you alright?"

She looked up and smiled, or at least she tried to. She had a haunted look on her face. Gone was the carefree expression she normally wore. It was replaced by a tortured look, a pained expression. He was glad that nobody told her of her father's attempted betrayal.

"I'm fine, Harry. I'm just … walking," she said.

"It's cool out here, Luna. Why don't you come back in where it's warmer?" Harry suggested.

She shook her head. "I need to be out in the air. I've been inside for far too long."

Harry understood. "Do you mind if I joined you?"

Luna smiled. "Not at all. I could use the company."

He started walking alongside her on the beach. They didn't speak, but walked in silence. Every now and then, they'd look at each other and smile. He was surprised when she took his hand. He thought of Ginny, but knew Luna didn't mean anything by it.

"Harry, can I ask you a personal question?"

"What is it?"

She blushed and he felt his insides tighten. "I was wondering about you and Ginny. Did you … ?"

He shuffled his feet nervously. "I'm sure you heard about how we started going out. She flung her arms around me and we kissed."

"Not that, although I did hear about that from Romilda Vane. She was most upset about it," Luna said.

I bet, Harry thought. He remembered her attempts to woo him all too well. "What do you want to know?"

"I'm sorry I'm asking this, Harry, but did you and Ginny have … ?"

Harry caught on. "Did we have sex?"

She nodded, blushing.

He was also blushing. "Well, we snogged a bit, but we never actually had a chance to do more than that. Ginny had to revise for her O.W.L.S., and Hermione made sure I didn't distract Ginny from her studies. You know how demanding she can be. Why?"

Luna stepped closer to Harry and took his other hand. "I was wondering if you could do me a favor, Harry."

He was getting even more nervous now. "What kind of favor?"

"Would you be so kind as to take my virginity?"

He stared at her, not believing what she had just said. "Luna, could you repeat that?"

"I said, would you take my virginity?" Luna replied calmly.

Harry ran his hand through his messy black hair. "Luna, are you sure you want to do this? I'm not exactly experienced in this either."

She smiled. "That's okay, Harry. We can learn together."

Harry didn't know what to say. He liked Luna, but he didn't like her like that. Somehow, she must've guessed his thoughts. "Don't worry, Harry. This doesn't mean we have to be in a relationship. I know you love Ginny."

"Yeah, and if she finds out, she'll kill me and hex my body," he replied.

"Harry, I'm sure she'll understand. She would want you to help your friends, no matter what that help involves," Luna said calmly.

"Are you sure?"


He sighed. "You know, this isn't exactly the best place to have sex. We should do it on a bed or something."

Luna smiled and kissed him. "This is perfect. I don't mind the sand or the grass."

"If this is what you want."

"It is," she replied and kissed him again. This time it was more passionate and lingering. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she moved closer to him. In response, he wrapped his arms around her as he returned the kiss.

He felt the cool breeze on his skin as they gradually removed their clothes. When he saw Luna naked, he blushed. But Luna didn't seem embarrassed. "How do I look, Harry? Did the Hincklewimps scar my breasts or anything?"

He blushed harder. "No, Luna. Your breasts look, ah, perfect."

"That's a relief. You know how annoying Hincklewimps can be," she said.

"Yes, they can be," Harry agreed.

Luna smiled as she lied down on the sand. "But perhaps you should cover me with your body to prevent the Hincklewimps from affecting me."

Harry gulped as she spread her legs. "Yes, Luna, that sounds like a great idea." He gently positioned himself above her. "Luna, are you sure about this? We don't have to do this?"

"I want to, Harry," she replied firmly.

Ginny, forgive me. He nodded and kissed her again. He adjusted his body and slowly entered her. She cringed and stiffened, causing Harry to stop. "Luna, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Harry. Just let the Crummps relax my body first," she replied. He waited a minute and her body relaxed. "There, Harry, you can continue."

Time passed by, like it was a blur. They held hands as their bodies moved as one. Luna tilted her head back, giving Harry access to her neck. He kissed her breasts as he continued moving within her.

"Yes, Harry! Oh, you feel so good!" she cried.

He had to admit she felt good as well. Their kisses became more heated, more passionate as he thrust into her even harder. Her moans grew louder and louder. Finally, he couldn't hold back any longer. He kissed her one last time as he came inside her.

Harry collapsed beside her, not caring that sand was covering both of their bodies now. "Thank you, Harry," Luna said softly.

"You're welcome, Luna."

"You want to know something, Harry?"

"What's that, Luna?"

"We have plenty of time before they miss us," she said, blushing.

"Are you saying you want to have another go at it?"

She nodded, blushing.

Once again, Harry thought of Ginny, but quickly pushed that thought aside. "Okay, Luna."

She smiled right before they kissed again.